Project Managers
Improve Burndown Progress

Stop Schedule Slip

Test Automation
QA Team Building

Skills – Cross Train

QA Schedule

  • On Demand ‘Emergency’ QA
  • Get back on schedule – reverse slip
  • Avert Vacation & ‘Key Person’ Delays
  • Document – Test – Regress
    • Start Document Control,Design Templates
    • Identify missing & duplicate tests
    • Create dynamic Trace Matrix
    • User friendly Layout, Design
    • Deploy Bug Tracking
    • Initiate Agile
  • Select test methodology. Publish Test Strategy with time and resource estimates
  • Generate model Test data for randomized, automated stress and wide coverage scenarios
  • Provide test driven metrics and automatic reports
  • Localization:Japanese, Spanish, 英語 …
  • QA & Code in parallel
  • Free Developers from unit tests
  • Technical Writing – Update Docs to Spec
  • Automation:
    • When, Why, Why Not
    • Which Tool, HowQTP, Selenium, Sahi, LoadRunner …
    • System, End-to-End, UAT, Deployment …


  • Identify Time Thieves, Rank Savings by Milestone, Schedule Automation
  • Choose Tools by Capital, Schedule and Labor Cost
    • Open Source Automation
      • Seleniumr
      • Sahi
      • jMeter
      • Perl, Python, PHP, Tcl
  • Commmercial Off the Shelf
    • QuickTest Pro
    • Silk Seque
    • LoadRunner
  • Home Grown
    • C#, C++
    • Jython
    • Excel callingWindows DLLs

QA for QA

  • QA Tool Kit
  • SoapUI
  • XML Spy
  • Job Search
    • Resume Refactor
    • Salary by Zip and Skillset:


Translation: Making it Fit

  • CHALLENGE: Publish a technical specification or advertisement…
    1. from 2000 characters in German
    2. to 1200 characters in English then
    3. to 500 characters in Japanese, Chinese or Korean
  • Then Update / Maintain this information to read and format well
    1. in Powerpoint presentations
    2. Web Page for many browsers and languages
    3. and in Software Error messages that give context sensitive help.
  • These are tested and verified for Cultural presentation by native business professionals, fluent in the Art *and* Science of “Localization””L10n” and “Internationalization” “i18n”